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They're gone.

[There's a long pause and eerie silence followed by some.. sniffling? It sounds like someone's been crying. This continues on before there's a deep shaky breath.]

As you have all heard, stay inside. Don't be a hero. Seeing as it is not safe to leave my apartment, the hospital will have to do without me in this crisis.

[Locked to  Doctor Eirin Yagokoro]

I'm taking a step back from my involvement hospital. I feel I should focus more on my research for awhile. However, I am willing to provide assistance from time to time when I can. I will also be using the hospital as a teaching aide for my student if that isn't a problem.
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[At first there's static, It seems that once again, Washu's device clicks on at the wrong moment. Almost. As the static clears up a figure can be seen lying a ways away from the communicator. A very familiar red haired woman... only, she's not moving. Blank emerald eyes stare back at the communicator  and moments later you  realize why.

Washu is laying in a growing pool of her own blood. Her throat is torn out, bone glistening in the pale light of the communicator. Her long hair is loose, draped around her body. Whatever happened, it's obvious that luck wasn't with her this time. ]

[ooc: So... this is some time after this
  thread. Yes, Washu is very dead so there won't be any responses.. feel free to react or find her body if you want. It's somewhere in the high school. >.> I will be tagging the current threads I have going. ^^;]
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Mikamo, please. Don't do this! We can work things out!

[There's silence for several moments where soft sobbing can be heard.]

Why do what they think matter!? You never cared before! Why are you starting now!? Please, we can figure something out I'm sure of it!

[Silence reigned for several more moments. and then suddenly there's the sound of a fist hitting a wall.]

NO! You can't! He's as much my son as yours! You can't do this!

[There's the sound of a strangled cry followed by more distressed crying.]

My dear little one....

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[The com clicks on to A and B waving their arms frantically in front of the camera with no Washu in sight.]

[A] Help Help!

[B] The doors hurt!

[A] They shock!

[B] Mistress Washu needs help!

[A] Miss Washu said in case of emergency, look for 'Alucard-chan'

[Both of them turn to look at each other before turning back to the camera and bouncing up and down frantically.]


[They jump up and down more, waving their arms as soft fast pace japanese can be heard in the background. The only word that can be understood is 'Mihoshi'.]

[ooc: So Washu's caught up in the MS's event and well, is a little unfindable. A and B will be the only one's answering n.n;]

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[ the com clicks on to reveal Washu, still dressed in her pj's and still grimy from the collapse of her apartment. It's obvious she's on the cot in her Office at the hospital.  She yawns as she sits up. The blanket pools around her as she rubs her eyes.  She seems to be smaller, more child like. She even seemed to drown in the large tshirt she was wearing.

A few moments later, she seemed more awake. She frowns a little, her gaze going towards a window off screen.]

How long was I asleep...?

[ooc: Here have an aww moment from Washu, after all she now looks like a 12 year old n.n;]

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More new people? This has got to be the biggest influx I've seen in my entire time here...
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 The powers out.

There has to be a scientific explanation as to why these apparitions are appearing. I do not appreciate some other worldly creature crawling out of my sink.

[there are sounds of water splashing and then the sound water going down a drain.]

Even I have to admit this is more than a little unnerving...

Or attempting to crawl out of my bathroom mirror.

[sounds of a door shutting.]

At this rate I won't get any further work done.

[ooc: strikes is washu muttering]

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I see I'm not the only one that has noticed this uneasy feeling that's descended upon us. I don't like it, there is definitely something different in the air. 

I suppose we will have to wait and see what this uneasy feeling yields us.
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[sounds of something being dropped and then a click.  Soft whimpers can be heard. ]

No... I... It isn't meant to be used! I was going to dismantle it!

[long pause]

Not again...
Please No!! 

[screaming and things crashing can be heard before it suddenly stops and there is nothing but heavy breathing and soft whimpers]

Not again..... Please....It was an experiment.... I just wanted to prove it could be done...

[ com remains on for a little while longer before it finally clicks off]

[ooc: Poor Washu.. she's reliving her trial that lead to the punishment that lasted 700 years. Feel free to come try and snap her out of it. ]

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[com clicks on to see Washu with a purple cloth wrapped around her nose and mouth. Her hair cascading around her. It's obvious she using the cloth that normally holds her hair back as a make shift face mask.]

[slightly muffled]

At first I thought I might be getting sick. I've dodged explosions, mouth parasites and may have come down with a cold... or bronchitis.
But then the smell started.

Rotten eggs means sulfur. Which means either volcanic activity or a pipe of some sort broke. We need to fix this.. Does anyone know how to get the air circulating? Does anyone know where to find the origin of this ?

I wish I had my lab...

This can't be good for anyone if this persists.

I like breathing....

[slight coughing can be heard as she reaches over and clicks off the com]

[ooc: strikes are mutterings. ]


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