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That screaming...

How can you be here? We defeated you! You can't be here. You're dead! Tenchi killed you! I won't let you harm anyone here!

N-no! Get away from me!

[ There's the sound of a large electrical discharge along with something very heavy and very metallic being thrown. Seconds later the communicator pops on. For a moment, its hard to see what's going on since the view is a little sideways. The Office is a mess, items thrown everywhere and the sound of electricity can still be heard. Something hits the communicator... and it goes spinning, next thing anyone can see, Washu's huddled in a corner, her shield activated and things are flying... due to her throwing things at something thats... not... there.

A brief moment later, A and B go screaming by before hitting the wall and falling silent, both of them sparking a little but remaining where they are.]

[ooc: So... Washu's hallucinating that Kagato's here to terrorize her and to harm people. It may take her a little bit to respond. Good luck? idk >.>;]
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[com Clicks on to reveal Washu standing outside, wearing a worn coat, looking a little worse for wear and with an annoyed look on her face.]

The next idiot that decides that I'm weak enough to attack is getting shocked and then used as a guinea pig for my experiments. I also don't appreciate remarks about my age, height, or being called a demon.

Now that's out of the way, If anyone needs me, I'm locking myself in my apartment for a few days.

[Abruptly clicks off her com]

[ooc: yeah Washu's not happy. This takes place sometime after Alucard and Alexander Anderson's fight and her slight intervention and attempt to be nice.]


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