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The next person who aims a gun in my general direction is going to suffer a fate worse than death.

[There's a long pause and the sound of  movement before she speaks again.]

... If anyone needs me, I'll be in the hospital.

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[Guess who just got zapped by her communicator... only not. There's the sound of a triumphant laugh ad the sound of something crackling. It seems Washu found away around getting shocked by her communicator.]

"HA! Take that you over grown toaster! I am WASHU! THE GREATEST SCIENTIFIC GENIUS EVER!"

[There the soft sound of clapping coming from A and B as as more random sounds are heard, the clinking of tools most likely before there's the sound of another zapp.]


[Seconds later, swearing in some sort of unknown Alien language can be heard along with the sound of something metalic crashing into a wall. It looks like her communicator got a one way flight to meet the wall. The device hit hard enough to turn on the video feed. For a few moments the only thing one can make out are a pair of children's legs and feet covered in worn purple socks with a hole in the big toe area. Are they coming closer? Damn right they are. A small hand reaches down to pick up the device and turns it up to face her. A very annoyed looking  Washu is glaring at the device, still unaware that it's even on.]

"Eventually I will figure out a way to prevent your 'courteous' reminder. "

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[The com clicks on to show Washu tinkering with one of her newest toys, a metallic looking collar. There are also various bottles of unknown medicines littered about her desk at the hospital. And of course, A and B are being good little helpers and handing her tools every now and then. After a bit she looks up and blinks, finally noticing that the communicator was on. She frowns and sets down what she was working on.]

It has come to my attention that several of my patients like to defy doctors orders and leave their beds when no one is looking. Especially those that should not be moving in the first place. If this behavior persists I will stop playing nice. Consider this your one warning.

[ Washu glares into the camera to make her point. She's specifically referring to certain patients that she's had the pleasure of dealing with lately, not to mention any other stubborn person that gets it into their head to try and defy her orders. After all, she has her patients health in mind... along with her own research.]

Now where did my new assistant go? If I find him near the pharmacy one more time, there will be consequences.

[ooc: Yes, Washu is getting annoyed with all the stubborn people that refuse to listen to her orders. Never make a mad scientist angry with you. Especially one that has access to medical equipment XD ]

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How did I loose two days? Two days worth of memories don't just disappear with out a cause.

Does anyone know what caused this?
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[com Clicks on to reveal Washu standing outside, wearing a worn coat, looking a little worse for wear and with an annoyed look on her face.]

The next idiot that decides that I'm weak enough to attack is getting shocked and then used as a guinea pig for my experiments. I also don't appreciate remarks about my age, height, or being called a demon.

Now that's out of the way, If anyone needs me, I'm locking myself in my apartment for a few days.

[Abruptly clicks off her com]

[ooc: yeah Washu's not happy. This takes place sometime after Alucard and Alexander Anderson's fight and her slight intervention and attempt to be nice.]

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[there are muffled sounds and the sound of fabric mixed with muttering.]

-amn beeping.... Someone stop it already....

[more odd sounds. Metalic scraping, the sounds of someone fidgeting with gadgetry.]

Why cant I get this to work...... The circuits aren't fried... the power source is intact.....

[more muttering is heard before the com clicks out]

[ooc: Washu's attempting to get her puppets to work >.> ]


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