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Well.. That was lovely. It's nice to see they're going to give us time before they attempt to slaughter us all.

[Washu was no stranger to this type of 'negotiation'. The Juraian Empire did it all the time. Admittedly, it was rare she was on this end of the 'negotiations']

I wonder if they are still monitoring our frequencies? If so, I have a few choice words for them~.

We've managed to survive things most people wouldn't dream of in the time we've been here. Among us are people with varying talents and if the idiots that started attacking people had stopped to consider that, they may have thought to ASK before making demands.

[She fall silent again and remains so for several moments. The child looking scientist was far from thrilled and it showed. If anything she was annoyed with the entire situation. Moments later she clicks off the com to go back to work. Still.. she's not happy. She's far from it.]

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So what's this? Well whose ever it is, it's mine now.

[The video flips on to display a very much alive and grinning Washu. Though... anyone who knows her may notice something different about the scientist. For one, she looks 18 and her hair is much, much shorter then its usual long red locks. Yes, Washu looks ages younger. Her clothes are even different though all the viewer can see is the black tanktop.]

So this thing has a video and audio feed and text ability. I wonder who left it. It's kind of primitive, there isn't even a holo screen! Well, whatever, it's mine now. I'll just add one when I find the parts. 

What I want to know now is, where am I? This isn't my lab at the academy and this doesn't look like one of our usual field trips.

[Playful emerald eyes peer closer into the camera.]

There has to be others out there or this thing wouldn't work. And another thing, why am I in a crappy hospital that looks like a war just happened?

[She spins the camera around to display the room she's in... which happens to be Washu's old office. It definitely looks like it's seen better days. More so then usual.]

So Answers please.
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How interesting. Ace, you owe me a new shirt and some more "one on one time".

If anyone needs medical attention, I will be around.

[ooc: Yes, Washu was attacked by Ace, but not seriously injured. ]

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[The com clicks on to a very adult Washu tapping away at her holo computer near the entrance of the second floor.]

Anyone on the first floor of the hospital, I suggest you head up to the second floor. If anyone is attempting to enter the hospital, please contact me. The first floor is going to be a little... hazardous to anything moving. Please don't be alarmed if a door you open leads to somewhere unusual.

[There's the sound of something crackling to life much like her shield as she smirks.]

If you need medical attention, please let us know. Someone will come and retrieve you as soon as possible.

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[The com clicks on as something heavy falls on it. A crack appears in the screen as more and  more debris starts to fall all around it. When the dust settles, coughing can be heard. The com shifts to reveal a dust covered Washu, curled up in the fetal position on what was left of her bed, still in her jps of an over sized shirt and boxers. A hand covers her mouth as she goes into another fit of coughing.She shifts around a bit carefully pulling the com towards her. There's the sound of shifting rocks and she stops and sighs. It's obvious she doesn't have much room to move. She manages to shift herself closer to the com, still laying on the bed and sighs. This close you can see she's pale and sweaty. She is definitely not well. In her hand appears to be a red crab plushie and a picture frame pressed against her chest. A and B can briefly be seen hugging eachother and shaking as they press against her side.]

This was not what I had in mind when I decided to go on a vacation...

The rooms collapsed around me.... miracle it didn't crush me... can someone please come dig me out...

[she shivers and covers her mouth again as she goes into a coughing fit. Serveral moments later it subsides and she lets out a soft whimper.]

Nothing's hurt... far as I can tell. Lucked out.  Just trapped and unwell...

[She sighs and curls back up into a ball and hugs the picture frame and the plushie close to her as A and B  huddle against their mistress. ]

Not what I had in mind at all....

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[ it sounds like there's a large group of people all in the same room when the com clicks on]

What are you talking about? There's not goblin as cute as me! Anyway, which one of you broke the seal and released me? You swung me around so hard that I thought I would die!

[there's the sound of an angry female voice almost yelling back at Washu.]

Hmmm... You'll be a water sprite until you can reflect on your conduct!

[suddenly the sound of something small running into things and ribbiting can be heard as Washu laughs softly.]

I just rearranged her genes and accelerated the metabolism of her cells. Way to easy for a genius like me.

[a politer female voice can be heard speaking but still not understandable]

Hehe you called me silly?

[ there's a pause and the sound of the clicking of keys on a keyboard]

Hehe that will teach you to call me silly.

[now it there are sounds of two creatures running around ribbiting and running into things. ]

Hm... you're interesting. What's you name? 
Tenchi huh? Then you must call me Little Washu!

[Washu's soft laughter can be heard along with an older males laughter. The laughter fades away to the sound of a door opening and the clacking of computer keys. in moments there are sounds of whirling machines and electricity all over the place. ]

Hmmm... I must be rusty after 700 years of imprisonment. I better get working on an invention or something to get myself going again.

[ooc: Washu's reliving the events that released her from her 700 year long imprisonment feel free to come see her first meeting with the Tenchi Household and to watch her set up her lab again.]

[Voice log]

Mar. 1st, 2009 02:14 am
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Well  I hope that we never have to do that again... however it was a pleasure to work with you again Lucca!

Who ever provided us with this produce, I am grateful... even if the taste is a little off...

[pause and the sound of something being dropped]

What was....

[another long pause]


The previous events must be getting to me.

...because Tenchi isn't here.


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