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[There's the barest sound of movement before two tiny voices are heard speaking. Yes, A and B are having a conversation near the Communicator. Sneaky little puppets.]

[A] I'm worried. She shut down the lab.

[B] It takes too much energy!

[A] I know. How long will this last?

[B] I don't know.

[A] I hope Mistress will be fine.

[B] Miss Washu has survived worse then this!

[A] You're right! She will be fine!
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[The com clicks on to show Washu sitting in her chair absently playing with some weird mechanical device. She's in her adult form, wearing an old oversized button up white shirt that's seen better days and a pair of pj shorts. She doesn't seem aware that the communicator is on. A can be seen handing her tools every once in a while. B seems to be off somewhere else doing something.

Eventually she looks up and notices the communicators on.]

I see the communicator doesn't want to give me a few more day's of rest.

[She reaches over and clicks off the video and clicks on the audio]

It's a wonder what a few days of rest can do for someone. Admittedly, I'm still recovering, but I'm doing better. A and B have been doing a remarkable job of taking care of me.

[Locked to Dr. Kureha] )

A and B have brought it to my attention that we have several new arrivals that have appeared recently. 

Welcome to Discedo, trust me, none of us want to be here.

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[Bzzzzzt! followed by a bit of static]

....ere is no way it's been two weeks. Now what's wrong with this thing? 

[B] Ha Ha! Serves you right mom.
[A] B! Don't be so mean...
[B] But out  whiner.
[A] That isn't nice...

Will both of you stop it! One more smart ass comment young lady and I'll turn off your voice.

[There's silence for a few moments.]

[B] She started it.
[A] Did not!
[B] Did to!
[A] Did not
[B] Did to!

ENOUGH! Both of you. I swear I should have never have installed those upgrades. Both of you QUIET  or I'll end it.

[ Again there's silence and the sound quiet shuffling.]

That's better. I've been monitoring the fog over the last couple of days. The fact that it's getting thicker worries me a lot. Everyone please be careful when you go out and take someone with you. I suggest traveling in pairs or a small group and to always have a map or if at all possible a compass with you. Hopefully it will lift soon.

[Locked to Alucard] ) 
I'm still waiting on assignments~! 

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[The com clicks on to A and B waving their arms frantically in front of the camera with no Washu in sight.]

[A] Help Help!

[B] The doors hurt!

[A] They shock!

[B] Mistress Washu needs help!

[A] Miss Washu said in case of emergency, look for 'Alucard-chan'

[Both of them turn to look at each other before turning back to the camera and bouncing up and down frantically.]


[They jump up and down more, waving their arms as soft fast pace japanese can be heard in the background. The only word that can be understood is 'Mihoshi'.]

[ooc: So Washu's caught up in the MS's event and well, is a little unfindable. A and B will be the only one's answering n.n;]

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[The com clicks on to an empty office. Moments later A and B come dancing onto the screen. The two little puppets are tossing a random piece of metal back and forth. If anyone looks closer, they can see the parts of the collar strewn about.

The collar is in so many small parts that it's obvious that it has been completely dismantled. The bottles from before are also around, well most of them. Some seem to be missing and others seem to be empty.

A and B continue playing with the various mechanical parts while chatting, still not aware that the com is on]

[A] Little Washu is grumpy.

[B] She needs a vacation.

[A] She's been neglecting her inventions to help people.

[B] Some people don't seem to appreciate it.

[A] They are stupid.

[B] Oh well! They should ask someone else to fix them.

[Suddenly Washu's voice is heard off screen]

What are you two doing!? How many times have I told you not to play catch with that! I need those components in good condition if I'm ever to use them!

[ Her hand is seen taking something from B and setting it off to the side. There's a longer pause before the hand comes towards the camera.]

Somehow  you two turned on the communicator.  I thought I banned you from it.

[A] We didn't know!

[B] It was an accident!

[There's a soft sigh as she clicks off the com.]

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[ The com clicks on to show A and B in front of it and a passed out Washu in the background, her head on her arms as she sleeps at her desk in the hospital surrounded by various charts and papers.]

[A] Washu needs her rest! 

[B] Yes! This epidemic is making her tired!

[A] The hospital should have more personnel!

[B] Then Washu can sleep!

[A] More Doctors needed!

[ Washu starts to stir. She lifts her head and yawns and blinks before wiping at her eyes. It takes her a few moments to realize that A and B were dancing around in front of the com. She sighs and reaches over to grab the machine and clicks off the video]


What a wonderful wake up call, would a few more minutes be too much to ask for?  Well I'm up now, back to work, after all a good scientist needs to keep herself busy! My newest helper needs to be broke in after all!

I should probably mention something about my classes.. As soon as this "epidemic" is taken care of and possibly a few days to myself, I shall start my classes at the school. I have four students so far. A small class, but perhaps that is a good thing.

And.... has anyone heard from Lucca lately? 

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[ sounds of something hitting the com and then the screen clicks on to reveal a messy apartment with old electronic parts and various random unidentifiable objects laying about. Like a broom leaning against a TV that's missing it's screen and is completely gutted.]

Now where did I put them?

[something goes flying by the screen]

They must be here somewhere! A! B! Where did you go!?

[several more objects go flying by the screen. some sort of cloth lands, half covering it]

There you are! Now.. to attatch ....

[ jerky mechanical sounds can be heard]

Washu... Greates....t!

[a sigh can be heard]

Well... it's better then nothing.

[ Washu comes in to view holding a chibi doll version of herself with a large makeshift battery pack attached to the back. The com clicks off moments later]

[ooc: Washu just managed to somewhat sort of managed to fix her little helpers A and B. Sort of. lol]


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