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[There's the sound of a door opening and closing several time followed by annoyed muttering. Suddenly, there's a pause in the activity. The audio feed cuts to static for several moments before back.]


[Static sounds again for several minutes before cutting back in - to the beginning's of window's breaking as they're blown out by the largest power surge yet. The device suddenly cuts out as an explosion rocks the entire building.]
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The next person who aims a gun in my general direction is going to suffer a fate worse than death.

[There's a long pause and the sound of  movement before she speaks again.]

... If anyone needs me, I'll be in the hospital.

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They're gone.

[There's a long pause and eerie silence followed by some.. sniffling? It sounds like someone's been crying. This continues on before there's a deep shaky breath.]

As you have all heard, stay inside. Don't be a hero. Seeing as it is not safe to leave my apartment, the hospital will have to do without me in this crisis.

[Locked to  Doctor Eirin Yagokoro]

I'm taking a step back from my involvement hospital. I feel I should focus more on my research for awhile. However, I am willing to provide assistance from time to time when I can. I will also be using the hospital as a teaching aide for my student if that isn't a problem.
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[The comm pops on to display Washu's  office which... is noticeably cleaner now due to her 'hired' help. For a moment there's nothing before a  certain scale comes into view, jingling slightly before a familiar hand comes into view to pick it up.  Soon enough Washu comes on the screen, looking... contemplative.]

Another one leaves. People come and go so often here it's a wonder that friendships are formed.

[There's a long pause before she turns her attention to the communicator, this time addressing it.]

Arthur, I need to speak with you and Donatello, please contact me at your convenience. You have tests to take. 

As for  everyone else, I would appreciate it if what is left of the Hospital staff and anyone wishing to volunteer please contact me before I decide to begin hunting people down.  This last disaster was too chaotic for my tastes and completely unorganized.

[Once more she pauses before a faint smile graces her lips.]

And... whoever left the care package. I appreciate it. Especially the carrot cake. 


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