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It has come to my attention that Doctor Eirin has left us... along with several others.

[Washu pauses, and when she speaks, she sounds tired, much older than she usually sounds. Much much older.]

Despite our losses, we need to continue on. In light of recent events, I'll be reclaiming my post as doctor in the hospital. Hopefully, we wont have any more major disasters or invasions. I'd love to have at least a month or two of peace.

[Which she doubts she'll get.]

Also~, Medicine Seller, I would like to see you in my office.

And! Before I forget, Where did my adorable student get to?
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I think we can all appreciate the communicator upgrade.

[Especially Washu. Currently, she's sitting at her kitchen table with various tools laid out and the old communicator dismantled. Parts are separated into piles of useful materials.  There's also a very familiar puppet in front of her, face down with it's back panel open.

Washu goes back to working on the little chibi version of herself, selecting various parts out of the piles and adding them to the her little assistant. Eventually she closes up the back panel and turns it on. The little figure pushes itself up into sitting position and yawns, stretching enough to fall over, revealing that it's B that she just fixed.

The little puppet blinks and stares up at Washu, tilting it's head to the side a bit before speaking.]

It's about time you fixed me!

[Washu snorts faintly as smiles slightly.]

Parts are hard to come by here.  Now... to fix your sister.

[Before B could responds the video feed times out.]
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They're gone.

[There's a long pause and eerie silence followed by some.. sniffling? It sounds like someone's been crying. This continues on before there's a deep shaky breath.]

As you have all heard, stay inside. Don't be a hero. Seeing as it is not safe to leave my apartment, the hospital will have to do without me in this crisis.

[Locked to  Doctor Eirin Yagokoro]

I'm taking a step back from my involvement hospital. I feel I should focus more on my research for awhile. However, I am willing to provide assistance from time to time when I can. I will also be using the hospital as a teaching aide for my student if that isn't a problem.
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[At first there's static, It seems that once again, Washu's device clicks on at the wrong moment. Almost. As the static clears up a figure can be seen lying a ways away from the communicator. A very familiar red haired woman... only, she's not moving. Blank emerald eyes stare back at the communicator  and moments later you  realize why.

Washu is laying in a growing pool of her own blood. Her throat is torn out, bone glistening in the pale light of the communicator. Her long hair is loose, draped around her body. Whatever happened, it's obvious that luck wasn't with her this time. ]

[ooc: So... this is some time after this
  thread. Yes, Washu is very dead so there won't be any responses.. feel free to react or find her body if you want. It's somewhere in the high school. >.> I will be tagging the current threads I have going. ^^;]
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[Well here's an interesting sight, Washu asleep in a bed that's definitely not in her office or her lab. There are clothes thrown on a chair near the bed, some of them very much hers. Upon further examination, the only thing keeping her modest are the covers. Who knew Washu could look so peaceful while she was sleeping.

Though, it seems that whoever lives in this apartment is missing. Needless to say, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened.

Washu shifts in her sleep, the sheet sliding lower and now barely keeping her modest as she wakes up and notices that she's alone in the bed. For a moment there's an amused smile on her lip before she sits up with her back facing the communicator and wrapping the sheet around her torso. Moments later, Discedo's cutest red-haired mad scientist is wandering past the communicator and calling out for someone still completely unaware that the communicator's recording.]

"Tony~? Where did you get to. It's not nice to let a beautiful woman wake up alone."


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