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[The com clicks on to show A and B running across the screen before focusing on Washu standing in front of her office window, looking down at the street below. She looks shorter and definitely more child like in her pink blouse and red skirt. Her massive red hair is styled with the most of it pulled back, yet still frame her child like face. She has her arms crossed as she stares out of the window for a few more minutes before turning towards where the camera's sitting. She blinks a bit and arches an eyebrow as she realizes that the com has been accidentally turned on. She shakes her head and smiles as she approaches it and sits down.]

First the earthquakes, the the Ash, and now these... creatures running in the streets. They seem to be more aggressive then the monsters we're used to in the city.

[She pauses for a moment, thinking.]

I think I want a closer look at this museum everyone is talking about, from what I've gathered so far, it seems to be interesting. A perfect place to gain some insight on this world... hopefully.

[She smiles into the camera]

Also, I know this has been mentioned before, but please, if anyone ventures outside, cover your mouth and nose to keep the ash out. You really don't want to know what it can do to the human body if inhaled.  Please note that a damp cloth is the most effective way to cover your mouth and nose. And try not to get the ash in your eyes as well.

[Her smiles turns into a childish grin as she says the next part in a sing-song voice]

This has been a public service announcement from Discedo's number one cutest scientific genius~!

[ooc: feel free to notice that Washu looks like a 12 year old, instead of an adult like everyone is used to seeing her as~! Also, yes, Washu is walking towards the Museum so com logs welcome~!]

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Ouch! Is it that time again?

[there's the sound of fumbling and the movement of cloth]

I guess it is.

Whoever created these communicators had a twisted sense of humor. Or they were psychologists wanting to run their own tests on classical conditioning. If one shocks a subject enough,in theory, they will learn a behavior to avoid the consequence. In this case, they may be conditioning us to use the communicators more with the consequence of being shocked if we don't. 

[com times out after a few moments of silence.]


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