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[There's static for several moments before the sound of someone retching  comes across loud and clear before dying off. Running water sounds before Washu finally speaks.]

...Sorry you had to hear that. If anyone needs me, I'll be in the hospital for the next week dealing [STATIC].

[The power cuts off completely before coming back on to show a rather tired looked red head whose seen much better days.]

...Don't mind the power surges around the hospital. It's temporary until the problem can be resolved.
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[The com clicks on as something heavy falls on it. A crack appears in the screen as more and  more debris starts to fall all around it. When the dust settles, coughing can be heard. The com shifts to reveal a dust covered Washu, curled up in the fetal position on what was left of her bed, still in her jps of an over sized shirt and boxers. A hand covers her mouth as she goes into another fit of coughing.She shifts around a bit carefully pulling the com towards her. There's the sound of shifting rocks and she stops and sighs. It's obvious she doesn't have much room to move. She manages to shift herself closer to the com, still laying on the bed and sighs. This close you can see she's pale and sweaty. She is definitely not well. In her hand appears to be a red crab plushie and a picture frame pressed against her chest. A and B can briefly be seen hugging eachother and shaking as they press against her side.]

This was not what I had in mind when I decided to go on a vacation...

The rooms collapsed around me.... miracle it didn't crush me... can someone please come dig me out...

[she shivers and covers her mouth again as she goes into a coughing fit. Serveral moments later it subsides and she lets out a soft whimper.]

Nothing's hurt... far as I can tell. Lucked out.  Just trapped and unwell...

[She sighs and curls back up into a ball and hugs the picture frame and the plushie close to her as A and B  huddle against their mistress. ]

Not what I had in mind at all....


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