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[For a moment there seems to be nothing but an empty room. Then Washu comes into view. A very adult Washu with out a shirt on, a bandage on her side and a simple white bra. She doesn't seem to realize that the communicator is turned on as she digs through her office looking for a shirt.

Eventually she finds one and slips it on and stretches. Moments later something catches her eye  and she smirks a little.]

What a naughty device.

[She reaches over and clicks off the video feed.]

Ace. You owe me a new shirt.

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[What’s this? The com clicked on by itself again. Someone really should do something about that.
For the most part the viewer could see nothing but a non descriptive  black wall and  what looked like a half finished invention with various part scattered around the top of a beat up old desk.
However the interesting stuff was happening off camera if the sounds were anything to judge by.]


[Oh my was that a moan following a name?  There was the sound of metal scraping against metal followed by more heavy panting and breathing for several moments before there’s the sound of electricity crackling and  a male voice cried out in pain.]


[Several moments after the male voice died down and then a teasing female voice can be heard.]

"There’s a good boy~! Just enjoy yourself.”

[Some sadistic giggling can be heard as soft whimpers filled the air. It was obvious someone was being teased in a very naughty way.  ]

"What the..?"

[More heavy breathing and panting can be heard for several moments before the male voice cried out again, this time it sounded more pleasurable then painful before things quieted down.]

"What a messy messy boy~! Look what you did.”

[There’s a momentary pause before the feminine voice speaks again.]

“ I think I like keeping you here to play with~! I may never let you leave if you prove to be this fun all the time.”

[There’s silence for several moments before there’s the sound of a door shutting. Not long after that the com times out.]

[ooc: So yeah, Washu, Ace. Guess who got kidnapped by Washu  and is getting molested since sometime monday...>.>; With Ace-mun's permission of course. If there are any questions: Please feel free to ask Ace-mun~! ]

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[The com clicks on to show Washu sitting in her chair absently playing with some weird mechanical device. She's in her adult form, wearing an old oversized button up white shirt that's seen better days and a pair of pj shorts. She doesn't seem aware that the communicator is on. A can be seen handing her tools every once in a while. B seems to be off somewhere else doing something.

Eventually she looks up and notices the communicators on.]

I see the communicator doesn't want to give me a few more day's of rest.

[She reaches over and clicks off the video and clicks on the audio]

It's a wonder what a few days of rest can do for someone. Admittedly, I'm still recovering, but I'm doing better. A and B have been doing a remarkable job of taking care of me.

[Locked to Dr. Kureha] )

A and B have brought it to my attention that we have several new arrivals that have appeared recently. 

Welcome to Discedo, trust me, none of us want to be here.

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[video clicks on to show two nearly identical chibi puppet versions of Washu standing there with two cracked white mugs almost their size.  There's sound of muttering in the back ground as every once in a while things get tossed past the screen. ]

[A] Washu is busy right now.

[B] being a scientific genius.

[A] If you need anything

[B] Please leave contact information after the tone

[A & B]
[open mouthes, and make the dial up tone]

[Washu suddently appears behind them, looking a little confused.]

How did this get turned on? I could have sworn it was off a moment ago.

[reaches over and turns off the com]

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[there are muffled sounds and the sound of fabric mixed with muttering.]

-amn beeping.... Someone stop it already....

[more odd sounds. Metalic scraping, the sounds of someone fidgeting with gadgetry.]

Why cant I get this to work...... The circuits aren't fried... the power source is intact.....

[more muttering is heard before the com clicks out]

[ooc: Washu's attempting to get her puppets to work >.> ]


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