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[The com flickers on to reveal a kitchen with a table littered with old notes, tools and various other things. Among those things.. were her work clothes draped over a chair.  The scene remains silent for several long moments before humming can be heard. The humming quickly turns to soft singing. Eventually, Washu appears on screen with her hair pulled back and in a large button up shirt and shorts. Soon enough she's sitting at the table, cleaning a machine part.

It seems she likes to take her work home with her~.  The video feed times out after that. ]
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Hm... 'May you live in interesting times.'  That certainly rings true for this city.

Now on to business. I need an assistant to help me with a project. They must be intelligent and possess a sense of humor. Of course, being cute helps~! And most importantly of all, they must be willing to follow instructions. Failure to do so may cause problems that are not easily fixed.

As for what exactly you are volunteering for... that's a secret~!  So any willing volunteers?
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It seems the communicator has a mind of its own yet again. At least the office looks like there's been an an attempt at repairing it. Somewhat. The desk still looks scorched  and papers are still everywhere, just... shuffled to the side. After a while there's movement. Washu comes on screen briefly and starts looking in one of the drawers of the desk before finally finding some sort of ... screwdriver(?) and disappearing again.

The screen remains focused on the disaster area of the room before timing out.


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