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Nothing but a dream...

I'm missing two  worth of memories. Almost as if I were dreaming for those two days. I vaguely remember this happening before...

[There's a long pause and the sound of something metalic tapping against wood.]

Oh well, it was just a dream. Nothing to worry about~! Now I'm curious~! Has anyone else experienced the loss of the last two days? Surely I wasn't the only one affected!
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"Who ever did this water to wine transformation I would like to talk to. "

Washu leans close to the communicator, her green eyes peering into the screen. It's easy to see the glass of wine in her hand. It's apparent she's been sipping on it.

"I am very curious as to how they've managed to turn water into wine. After all, there is no evidence of fermenting fruit nor aging. To appear as it has it scientifically impossible. Therefore, I need to know how this was done."

She leans back and takes a sip of the wine. "It's aged perfectly, something hard to do instantly."

Takes another sip and the reaches over and turns off the com.

[Voice log]

Feb. 9th, 2009 07:08 pm
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I've been thinking about a few things.

A. This place needs to be cleaned up.
B. Someone should start basic Science classes for those who have no idea what science is and how it applies to the world around you....
C. A basic language and writing class for those that don't know how.

I dont know if anything like B or C even exists here. Does it? Are classes offered for those who need them? If so who's teaching them? If not, would anyone be interested? I'm willing to teach them.

If I can't invent here I might as well teach.
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[ the com clicks on to show Washu muttering to herself as she's swatted at a keese with an old broom she had found stashed away in a closet.She contiunes to swatt at it until she gets it out the door and slams her door shut]

Annoying bats. At least crabs are cute. Those aren't.  Someone else can deal with it.

[She grumbles a bit more as she sets the broom down.As she moves around, random electronic bits and pieces can be seen from various items she's managed to take a part. ]

Now where was I? Oh yes!

[ she approaches the com and sits down in front of it. She adjusts it a bit before grinning]

First off, How does a non working Tv start working? I know it doesnt work because I took it apart nearly the day after I found it. Yes, the screen's still intact, but... it was gutted. Not that I dont apprieciate there being a news broadcast around here, but still. It was gutted.

And then they mentioned a satelite? I should investigate, if anything, It will give me an Idea of what type of technology previously existed here.

[She goes starry eyed for a moment before shaking her head]

Regardless, Where would the best place to go for warm clothes and food supplies be? I've managed to stay warm in my little apartment here, but outside is a different matter as was proven to me a few nights back when I was out for a walk.

Other than that. I've been busy making new... friends.

[she pauses for a moment and starts to look thoughtful]

I wonder if I should look into a job around here? I've heard people mention working. However, what can a scientific genius such as myself do around here? I can teach, invent and fix things more or less.

[She grins into the camera]

So! Is there anywhere for an out of work genius such as myself to work here? 


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