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[ the com clicks on to show Washu muttering to herself as she's swatted at a keese with an old broom she had found stashed away in a closet.She contiunes to swatt at it until she gets it out the door and slams her door shut]

Annoying bats. At least crabs are cute. Those aren't.  Someone else can deal with it.

[She grumbles a bit more as she sets the broom down.As she moves around, random electronic bits and pieces can be seen from various items she's managed to take a part. ]

Now where was I? Oh yes!

[ she approaches the com and sits down in front of it. She adjusts it a bit before grinning]

First off, How does a non working Tv start working? I know it doesnt work because I took it apart nearly the day after I found it. Yes, the screen's still intact, but... it was gutted. Not that I dont apprieciate there being a news broadcast around here, but still. It was gutted.

And then they mentioned a satelite? I should investigate, if anything, It will give me an Idea of what type of technology previously existed here.

[She goes starry eyed for a moment before shaking her head]

Regardless, Where would the best place to go for warm clothes and food supplies be? I've managed to stay warm in my little apartment here, but outside is a different matter as was proven to me a few nights back when I was out for a walk.

Other than that. I've been busy making new... friends.

[she pauses for a moment and starts to look thoughtful]

I wonder if I should look into a job around here? I've heard people mention working. However, what can a scientific genius such as myself do around here? I can teach, invent and fix things more or less.

[She grins into the camera]

So! Is there anywhere for an out of work genius such as myself to work here? 


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