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A and B have kindly reminded me that I should address a few interesting issues.

For starters, Is anyone interested in physics? Or perhaps knowing some basic science? I am officially teaching courses at the school to all interested parties. I would love to know how big of a class to expect so please, if anyone's interested, let me know! Feel free to ask question!
Please note: This class may be a challenge.

Second! You are all in for a treat! I've also excepted a position as nurse at the hospital. My primary job will be keeping track of records. With that in mind, will everyone please fill out this little questionnaire so we can better assist you with your medical needs?

1. What is your name?
2. What Species are you?
3. Name of place of origin?
4. Any allergies or special needs?
5. What is your age?
6. What is your gender?
7. Medical history?
9. Have you been here before?
      A. If so, how long was your stay?
      B. How long were you absent before coming back?
10. How many times have you died here?
11. Do you currently have your chip?

Please fill this out and return it in a timely manor so we can keep track of medical records !

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[com clicks on to show washu smiling into the camera and holding a rose]

Oh thoughtful, a rose. I think it's a few shades darker than my hair...
Regardless, this is a day we give something like this to other people correct? Then who do I give this to?

[chuckles and sets the rose aside]

Silliness aside, I have decided to open up classes for basic science for those who need it and possibly English or Japanese. Hopefully this will open up more lines of communication between us. As nice as the Text is, you cannot hear inflections through text. Besides, learning another Language is useful. The language classes will hopefully cover speaking, reading, and possibly writing.

I know a few people have already volunteered to help with the classes, could you please let me know if you're still interested and how in depth you want to teach. I can handle the science, however I wouldn't be oppose to an assistant.

On another note... How many are interested in taking these classes? For the moment, I'm going to try an operate out of my apartment... unless the class size becomes bigger than that.....then we may need to take over a classroom in the highschool..... Only time will tell.


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