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[In typical Washu fashion, she's been quiet lately.  Maybe, too quiet. So what has the petite red-head been up to? In simple terms: Inventing. Well, modifying things really to better suit her needs and maybe the needs of others.  Which means, she's lost track of time again.  A mostly common occurrence with her.

So, don't be surprise that she's not paying attention when the com clicks on. The device is practically forgotten in it's spot on the table, surrounded by wires and tools. As for Washu, she has her hair pulled back into a messy ponytail and her back to the device. From what you can see, she's working on something... Some form of lamp it looks like. There's wires and parts everywhere.

For a Brief moment, B blocks the view as the little puppet goes marching past with a Screwdriver against it's shoulder as it carries it off somewhere.

Eventually, the device times out. ]
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Anyone who is still working in the Hospital or wishes to help out in the hospital, please REPORT TO ME. I want a list of every staff member that works in this building. This includes apprentices, janitors, doctors, nurses, students and anyone else that could possibly give medical aide or is learning to do so.

I have been attempting to compile a list for organizational purposes. Unfortunately It doesn't help when I have a small handful of people check in when I know there are others.

So far, the ones that have checked in are as follows:


Little Washu
Dr. Eirin Yagokoro
Lisa Cuddy

Assistants / Nurses:
Cube [?]
Canada [?]
Ukraine [?]





If there is anyone else, please leave me a message.
[Locked to Donatello and Family] )
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Just when I finally decided to move back into an apartment this happens.....

[There's a muffled cough followed by a sigh]

Anyone who needs transport or medical attention contact me or any of the other doctors right away. And before anyone asks, yes, I am well enough for this.
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[It seems someone's not paying attention to her communicator. Or it got bumped in her pocket. Either way, it's on now and recording. There's the sound of the rustle of fabric mixed with footsteps. Moments later there's a pause and soft cough before a door creeks open. More footsteps followed by another cough before there's the sound of a door closing.

There's a very long pause before Washu speaks.]

This was not where I was trying to go.

[There's the sound of a door opening, a pause, and then repeat for five or six times.]

Definitely not where I was trying to go.
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[The oh so familiar sound of someone getting zapped by their communicator is followed by silence for once. No complaints, no threats. Just silence and a bit of crackling. After several long moments there's a cough and a grumble as a hand comes out of nowhere, blocking the communicators view of the messy desk with all its papers, tools and electronic parts.

That hand fumbles around with the communication device for several moments before finally finding the off switch and turning it off. It seems like someone fell asleep at her desk again.]
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For those who participated in my experiment, thank you. I appreciate your volunteering.  It helped quite a bit. However, Xellos, I would like to see you in my office again please.

For those of you who are new to the city, I should probably take a moment to introduce myself like my fellow doctor, Eirin Yagokoro did earlier. I am Little Washu, please refrain from calling me Miss.  Doctor Washu is fine if you must.  I am one of the three in charge of the hospital so please, feel free to ask for any medical assistance you may require~! I can also do house calls easily enough no matter where the location in the city.

To the new arrivals, welcome to the city, you're stuck here just like the rest of us so make the best of it.
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[Guess who just got zapped by her communicator... only not. There's the sound of a triumphant laugh ad the sound of something crackling. It seems Washu found away around getting shocked by her communicator.]

"HA! Take that you over grown toaster! I am WASHU! THE GREATEST SCIENTIFIC GENIUS EVER!"

[There the soft sound of clapping coming from A and B as as more random sounds are heard, the clinking of tools most likely before there's the sound of another zapp.]


[Seconds later, swearing in some sort of unknown Alien language can be heard along with the sound of something metalic crashing into a wall. It looks like her communicator got a one way flight to meet the wall. The device hit hard enough to turn on the video feed. For a few moments the only thing one can make out are a pair of children's legs and feet covered in worn purple socks with a hole in the big toe area. Are they coming closer? Damn right they are. A small hand reaches down to pick up the device and turns it up to face her. A very annoyed looking  Washu is glaring at the device, still unaware that it's even on.]

"Eventually I will figure out a way to prevent your 'courteous' reminder. "

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At first there's the sound of metal against metal, like small screwdriver tightening screws. Soon enough the video feed comes on and the picture... is side ways and all you can see are two delicate looking child like hands using a screwdriver on some small piece of machinery.  It looks like Washu found something random to fix.

Soon enough you can hear her humming some nameless tune as she continues to work. This continues on for several long minutes before the communicator clicks off.
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There's the sound of running water and the rustle of clothing. It sounds like someone found a shower and plans on taking advantage of the rare treat. A few minutes later, there's a familiar male voice.

"...Where's the soap?"

There's a momentary pause as an all too familiar female voice answers through what might be a door.

"It's on the ledge Little Abel."

For awhile there's nothing but the sound of running water and someone moving around before there's a very startled sounding yelp and the sound of light struggling.

"W-washu!? Hey! Hey! Let go! Miss Washu!"

There's more sounds of struggling. It sounds like a certain someone isn't going anywhere.Who knew Washu could have such a strong grip.

"Oh calm down Abel~! There's nothing wrong with sharing a shower with a beautiful woman~?" 

"Excuse me while I beg to differ!"

"Are you saying I'm not beautiful Little Abel~?"

"I-I never said that! Ow ouch! Careful! I bruise easy! Don't put words in my mouth!"


Guess who's ignoring those pleas and not letting go.

"Well, in that case, you shouldn't mind taking a shower with me~! Besides, its not like I haven't seen it all before."

"MISS WASHU, I THINK YOU'RE GOING BEYOND THE COMFORT ZONE NOW! I don't care if you've seen it before, they call it private for a reason!"

"Oh my~! Is that an invitation Abel?"

Oh yes, she's definitely giggling now.

"Why aren't you listening to me!? Miss Washu, I beg of you let gooooo!"

"Why should I~? Its not often I get to share a shower with such a cute guy."

"... Because I asked nicely?"

You can nearly hear the pout in her voice.

"Well since you asked nicely.... No."


And then the sounds of suggestive struggling accompanied by several rather... interesting words spouting out in Italian, Latin and the language of the Empire with soft snickers mixed in. It seems she's let her hands wander to places that probably should not go.

After a bit the sound of struggling stops. It seems someone's done having her fun and wants to use the shower instead.

"Can you wash my back~? I can't seem to reach."

"Use a loofa."

There's the sound of a door opening as someone makes their quick exit followed by the sound of cloth. It seems she's let her favorite priest go for the moment.

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I see the news decided to return to us. I still want to know how they do that.

It looks like its time to bundle up and stay inside if what they predict comes true. Now to find some of the new monsters! They need to be examined! I would greatly appreciate a carcass or some tissue sample~! 
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Ouch! No! Not right... crap.


[There's the sound of a small explosion followed by some coughing.]

That could have gone better.
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Now that I'm feeling much better, it's time to get down to business!

Welcome new arrivals! I hope you've settled in alright!

Now for the fun part! For me anyway. Due to the influx of new residents and the various recent happenings over the last few months, My medical records are sadly out of date. So if you would be so kind as to fill out my questions, it would be much appreciated.

Before you start whining, yes it's necessary. Why? To keep track of the comings and goings in this city, think of it as a census of sorts. Plus, it will help us provide better medical care the more we know.

1. What is your name?
2. What Species are you?
3. Name of place of origin?
4. What is your gender?
5. What is your age?
6. Any allergies or special needs??
7. Medical history?
8. Have you gotten sick since your stay here?
9. Blood Type?
10. Have you been here before?
    A. If so, how long was your stay?
    B. How long were you absent before coming back?
11. How many times have you died here?
12. Do you currently have your chip?
13. If not, then how long ago was it removed and by who?
14. What abilities do you possess?

Please keep your responses locked unless you like everyone knowing your answers. For those of you who have filled this out in the pass, if there's anything that's changed, please feel free to update it.

Those who ignore my simple request will be forced to answer it and may have to deal with certain consequences.

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Snow. In August. Well, I suppose it's better then the acid rain.

As I've been kindly reminded, class should start soon~! So possible students of mine are you ready? I hope you're brain can take what I have in store for you~! I promise it will be as fun! For me anyway...

[Locked to Alucard] )

Now if anyone needs me, it better be important, otherwise I'm going to attempt that elusive "vacation" again. Hopefully this time the building won't collapse around me.

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Hopefully the Earthquakes will calm down soon, but, I have to wonder what's causing them. Seismic activity is only caused by certain happenings in nature... like the shifting of tectonic plates. It would help if we knew where the fault lines were on this planet.

On another note, I think this would be a perfect time to take a week long vacation from the hospital. Please don't bother me unless it's life threatening and urgent. I am sure that the other doctors are capable enough to deal with any minor bumps and bruises that may occur.

[Locked to Dr.Kureha] )
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[ The com clicks on to show A and B standing in front of the camera ]


[B] More records needed~!

[Washu appears behind them and sighs as her hands come down on their heads]

Like my two companions said, Some people have either been difficult or just have not responded to my request to fill out my little questionnaire for the use of a basic medical record. So please do~!

And while I'm at it, anyone else interested in a physics class? So far I have two students, I would appreciate more~!

 And for those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about in reference to my questionnaire, here it is~!

1. What is your name?
2. What Species are you?
3. Name of place of origin?
4. Any allergies or special needs?
5. What is your age?
6. What is your gender?
7. Medical history?
9. Have you been here before?
      A. If so, how long was your stay?
      B. How long were you absent before coming back?
10. How many times have you died here?
11. Do you currently have your chip?

I would appreciate those who have not filled it out, please do~! I want to try and keep at least some semblance of order in hospital records!

[Filtered to Yuuko]

A word please~!

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More new people? This has got to be the biggest influx I've seen in my entire time here...
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"Who ever did this water to wine transformation I would like to talk to. "

Washu leans close to the communicator, her green eyes peering into the screen. It's easy to see the glass of wine in her hand. It's apparent she's been sipping on it.

"I am very curious as to how they've managed to turn water into wine. After all, there is no evidence of fermenting fruit nor aging. To appear as it has it scientifically impossible. Therefore, I need to know how this was done."

She leans back and takes a sip of the wine. "It's aged perfectly, something hard to do instantly."

Takes another sip and the reaches over and turns off the com.
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Ouch! Is it that time again?

[there's the sound of fumbling and the movement of cloth]

I guess it is.

Whoever created these communicators had a twisted sense of humor. Or they were psychologists wanting to run their own tests on classical conditioning. If one shocks a subject enough,in theory, they will learn a behavior to avoid the consequence. In this case, they may be conditioning us to use the communicators more with the consequence of being shocked if we don't. 

[com times out after a few moments of silence.]

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[ sounds of something hitting the com and then the screen clicks on to reveal a messy apartment with old electronic parts and various random unidentifiable objects laying about. Like a broom leaning against a TV that's missing it's screen and is completely gutted.]

Now where did I put them?

[something goes flying by the screen]

They must be here somewhere! A! B! Where did you go!?

[several more objects go flying by the screen. some sort of cloth lands, half covering it]

There you are! Now.. to attatch ....

[ jerky mechanical sounds can be heard]

Washu... Greates....t!

[a sigh can be heard]

Well... it's better then nothing.

[ Washu comes in to view holding a chibi doll version of herself with a large makeshift battery pack attached to the back. The com clicks off moments later]

[ooc: Washu just managed to somewhat sort of managed to fix her little helpers A and B. Sort of. lol]


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