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Well that was a wonderful vacation~!  I go so much done. I suppose now I should return to the hospital and resume my duties. And how can I forget about my wonderful students! 

Oh Darling Students~! Please let me know if you're still interested in taking my course on Science and Physics? If so, I have an assignment for you!

[locked to Alucard] )

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[There's the sound of soft swearing in Japanese as footfalls echo down one of the halls of the hospitall.]

Crazy woman.... She makes me look sane and I'm supposedly a "mad scientist.." This would be  much easier if I had my chip removed.

[footsteps continue to echo down the halls.]

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[The com clicks on to show Washu tinkering with one of her newest toys, a metallic looking collar. There are also various bottles of unknown medicines littered about her desk at the hospital. And of course, A and B are being good little helpers and handing her tools every now and then. After a bit she looks up and blinks, finally noticing that the communicator was on. She frowns and sets down what she was working on.]

It has come to my attention that several of my patients like to defy doctors orders and leave their beds when no one is looking. Especially those that should not be moving in the first place. If this behavior persists I will stop playing nice. Consider this your one warning.

[ Washu glares into the camera to make her point. She's specifically referring to certain patients that she's had the pleasure of dealing with lately, not to mention any other stubborn person that gets it into their head to try and defy her orders. After all, she has her patients health in mind... along with her own research.]

Now where did my new assistant go? If I find him near the pharmacy one more time, there will be consequences.

[ooc: Yes, Washu is getting annoyed with all the stubborn people that refuse to listen to her orders. Never make a mad scientist angry with you. Especially one that has access to medical equipment XD ]


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