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[For once, Washu doesn't seem to notice or care that the com is on. In fact, she's seemingly gazing off at some fixed point on the wall while a hand toys with a seed, a decent size seed, something that would grow say a tree if it were planted.

Eventually she turns away from her fixed point and glances towards the com. Seeing that its on, she  pauses what she's doing and leans in.]

This.. should be the time of year to spend with friends and family. Not be stuck here in the middle of some annoying mess of an experiment. Though, I have to admit, whoever designed the experiment was both a genius and an idiot.

[She pauses before tightening a hand around the seed.]

I think if anyone needs me, I'll be in the hospital.
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[Unlike the other slightly more violent posts she's made this week, this one seems rather tame. Well, as tame as Washu gets anyway. Doors are being opened and slammed shut multiple times followed by frustrated muttering. Apparently those does aren't going where they are supposed to be.

...As in other places they shouldn't be attached too.]

...Damned Doors! Work. I want to leave this floor not go to the next exam room on the same floor!

[There's more frustrated slamming of doors before there's the sound of someone hitting the floor. At this point, the com clicks on to give a good view of a very adult washu... Half in and half out of a closed door. As in, her body is being bisected by the door and she's on the floor. At least her front half is facing the camera! ....And there's a nice view down her shirt from this angle.

Somewhere off to the side, there's a life sized plushie version of her that's just chilling in a chair complete with a ribbon in her hair. Eventually the feed times out to a rather annoyed looking genius struggling to get through the door.]
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[There's the sound of a door opening and closing several time followed by annoyed muttering. Suddenly, there's a pause in the activity. The audio feed cuts to static for several moments before back.]


[Static sounds again for several minutes before cutting back in - to the beginning's of window's breaking as they're blown out by the largest power surge yet. The device suddenly cuts out as an explosion rocks the entire building.]
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[At first, there is the sound of things being set down. Then the camera clicks on. Washu is bent over her kitchen table, lining up screwdrivers and muttering to herself. Her voice is too low to actually here what she's saying, but her actions..... are a little creepy. She's stroking the screwdrivers as she lays them out, even moving back to previous ones to straiten them out a little.

Eventually she moves away... and the viewer can see that the entire table is filled with screwdrivers... and there seems to be a few more just laying around the place. Eventually she turns towards the com and blinks before smiling.]

Does anyone have any unwanted screwdrivers? Give me your screwdrivers.
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[For several moments there's the sound of metal against metal mixed with some humming before it finally stops. After several more moments, Washu finally speaks up.]

Does anyone have any unwanted metal or wire they would like to get rid of? I am looking more for wire, preferably copper to use in current and future projects.
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[At first there seems to be nothing but the noise of metal against metal. Slowly the image becomes the inside of the hydroelectric plant. Specifically near one of the non working turbines.  Eventually Washu appears on screen dressed in a  black tank top, workmen's pants which she managed to find in her size. She even managed to find a pair of goggles and gloves to wear while she works! Miracles do exist apparently.

At the moment, she's taking things apart to get a good look to see what needs to be repaired. With all the bodies laying around, she felt it was best to throw herself into her work, especially after encountering a certain familiar one at her kitchen table. Work was a wonderful way to forget painful things and a coping mechanism that she was rather familiar with.  She continues to work for several more minutes, completely unaware that the communicator's even on before it eventually times out
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[At first there's static, then a sharp breath can be heard over the com as the machine's dropped. Seconds later a  tilted image of a kitchen comes into view. In the kitchen is a table covered with tools and bits and pieces of metal and other miscelaneous things.

However, there is also someone sitting at the table with their head resting on their arms, covered in blood. Within seconds, Washu rushes on screen to touch the dead woman. Hands immediately comb through the cyanne hair, brushing it away from a peaceful face. Soft sobbing can be heard from Washu  locates various bloody wounds. Soon enough its obvious to her what the woman died from, a stab wound to the chest

Little Ryoko, stop this... You're scaring your mother! I built you to be stronger than this. Please Little Ryoko, open your eyes! Yell at me, anything! Come on, do you want Tenchi to see you like this? You can't be dead.. you've survived worse!

[Washu hugs the corpse to her small frame and cries as the device times out at last.]
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[At first  all that can really be seen are a certain scientists feet walking along a rather unkept floor. For those familiar with the hospital, well.. you should mop more often. Really, this place needed to be cleaned more and better organized. Every so often those cute little feet would pause next to something metalic or even a door.

There would be sounds of the machinery being examined or a door being opened before they continued on their way. Eventually they came to a stop again and there was a long pause, longer than any previous pauses.]

...Well. Now I have to believe people when they say I've been here before.

[With that, a door opens and what.. looks like an old messy office floor appears. Seconds later a hand covers the screen before lifting away. Now there's a view of an old office with papers strewn about. Dust seems to be gathered in spots and there's even a cot in the corner that hasn't looked like its been slept in for months. Eventually Washu comes on screen with a folder in her hands that she's flipping through.

Moments later the communicator times out.]

[VOICE: Sometime later]

Any one who wants to help clean out the hydroelectric plant, please let me know if you are still interested. I want to begin operations within the week. Also, is there anyone else wishing to help me fix things?

If not, I'll do it myself.
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[Washu calmly turns on the video function of the device and smiles as she leans back in a chair she's acquired. The room behind her looks decent even if a little barren.]

I hope no one minds that I just claimed an apartment all for myself~. There were so many to choose from that it was really a hard choice. But I think this one suits me rather well and it has plenty of room.

[She smiles before leaning in.]

Now down to business. I need a few strapping young and preferably cute fighters to do a job for me.I want to repair the hydroelectric plant but to do that I need it cleared out of monsters~. So who wants to volunteer their services to cute little me?

There is also one more thing I'd like to address. By myself, it will take me several months. With help it would take considerably less time. So who is able to help?
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Well this is a lovely place. So is there anyone out there or does a cute little girl have to seek out new life forms on her own?

[There's the sound of buttons being toyed with and the rustle of cloth before the video function clicks on to display a smiling red-headed child with emerald green eyes. She waves at the camera for a few moments before dropping the act and becoming serious. In the background one can see gravestones which just seems to add an ominous tone to her words.]

I suggest whoever is responsible for this force relocation speak up now otherwise I will seek you out~ and we can chat. It's not polite to keep your guest waiting. Perhaps you can bring some tea to the table so we can discuss things like civilized beings. Now can someone tell me where I am and how I got here? I promise I don't bite- unless you annoy me. Then I might just have to on principal.
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Washu Hakubi
Series: Tenchi Muyo!
Canon point: Just after her talk with Funaho in episode 13.
4th Wall Information: You can try if you want? She probably won't believe you.

Name: Zoan
Aim: pacifistqueen
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[The communicator turns on to B carrying a screwdriver across the kitchen table. Washu is in the background doing something in the kitchen sink. The red headed scientist turns around to say something only to pause when she sees the communicator is on. She picks up an old towel and dries her hands before coming over to pick up the device.]

It seems that this new one has just as much personality as the old~.  Now,down to business I suppose.  Seifer~  I would like to talk to you as soon as possible~. You have access to something that as a scientist, I would love to talk to.

[She can't help but chuckle softly.]

Perhaps I was too hasty in leaving the hospital so soon.
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[At first there's nothing but the view of a kitchen. Now that's new. It wasn't her office! It looks like an actual apartment kitchen. Everything remains quiet for a few more moments before  Washu walks into view with a beat up box of odds and ends. Things she's managed to salvage from the city for her use.  Though it looks like it's mostly random dishes. None of them seem to match and several look chipped and cracked. But! They were usable!

The red-headed scientist sets the box down on the counter and turns towards the table and raises an eyebrow. To anyone who knows her, they would realize she looks older, somewhere in her late 30's. Basically, her adult form.]

Such a naughty device~! You turned yourself on again didn't you? Well, I guess it's about time I posted something hm~?

[She smirks as she takes a seat.]

I would like to thank all that responded to my last post. I now have a list for Hospital Staff. If anyone else wishes to volunteer, please contact me and we will give you a job. It's always good to have more hands~!

[With that she turns off the video and posts a current list.]


This is the staff list as of my last post.

Little Washu
Dr. Eirin Yagokoro
Lisa Cuddy

Assistants / Nurses:
Cube - Assisting Eirin
Lisa Lisa




Little Washu

Again, if anyone would like to volunteer in any way, please contact me.
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[A and B appear very close to the camera, waving their little chibi arms.]

[A] Rain Rain

[B] Go away

[A] Never come back another day!

[They back away from the communicator to reveal that they are on Washu's desk. Moments later the chibi versions of Washu start doing a little dance routine while singing]

[A] It's raining

[B] It's pouring

[A] The old man is snoring

[B]He went to bed

[A]And bumped his head

[B]And couldn't get up in the morning.

[Moments later Washu appears being them... followed by several bouncing floating scales. She just sighs and shakes her head before reaching over and clicking off the Com.]

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[video clicks on to show two nearly identical chibi puppet versions of Washu standing there with two cracked white mugs almost their size.  There's sound of muttering in the back ground as every once in a while things get tossed past the screen. ]

[A] Washu is busy right now.

[B] being a scientific genius.

[A] If you need anything

[B] Please leave contact information after the tone

[A & B]
[open mouthes, and make the dial up tone]

[Washu suddently appears behind them, looking a little confused.]

How did this get turned on? I could have sworn it was off a moment ago.

[reaches over and turns off the com]

[Voice log]

Mar. 1st, 2009 02:14 am
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Well  I hope that we never have to do that again... however it was a pleasure to work with you again Lucca!

Who ever provided us with this produce, I am grateful... even if the taste is a little off...

[pause and the sound of something being dropped]

What was....

[another long pause]


The previous events must be getting to me.

...because Tenchi isn't here.


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