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[At first there's static, then a sharp breath can be heard over the com as the machine's dropped. Seconds later a  tilted image of a kitchen comes into view. In the kitchen is a table covered with tools and bits and pieces of metal and other miscelaneous things.

However, there is also someone sitting at the table with their head resting on their arms, covered in blood. Within seconds, Washu rushes on screen to touch the dead woman. Hands immediately comb through the cyanne hair, brushing it away from a peaceful face. Soft sobbing can be heard from Washu  locates various bloody wounds. Soon enough its obvious to her what the woman died from, a stab wound to the chest

Little Ryoko, stop this... You're scaring your mother! I built you to be stronger than this. Please Little Ryoko, open your eyes! Yell at me, anything! Come on, do you want Tenchi to see you like this? You can't be dead.. you've survived worse!

[Washu hugs the corpse to her small frame and cries as the device times out at last.]
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[ sounds of something hitting the com and then the screen clicks on to reveal a messy apartment with old electronic parts and various random unidentifiable objects laying about. Like a broom leaning against a TV that's missing it's screen and is completely gutted.]

Now where did I put them?

[something goes flying by the screen]

They must be here somewhere! A! B! Where did you go!?

[several more objects go flying by the screen. some sort of cloth lands, half covering it]

There you are! Now.. to attatch ....

[ jerky mechanical sounds can be heard]

Washu... Greates....t!

[a sigh can be heard]

Well... it's better then nothing.

[ Washu comes in to view holding a chibi doll version of herself with a large makeshift battery pack attached to the back. The com clicks off moments later]

[ooc: Washu just managed to somewhat sort of managed to fix her little helpers A and B. Sort of. lol]

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[com clicks on to reveal Washu sitting in a chair with various bits of mechanical parts on the table before her. She looks up from what she's working on, some random contraption, and blinks as she realizes that the com is on.]

I swear this thing has a life of it's own.

It looks like there are a bunch of new people lately. Welcome!

Though it's odd that we're getting new people now...

I suggest finding a place to stay as soon as possible. Just a little PSA from Little Washu- Greatest Scientific Genius in her Universe!

[reaches over and clicks off the com.]


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