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This place keeps on getting weirder and weirder.  Zombies... Zombies. Scientifically it's possible with the right conditioning or drugs. But these things.. look dead. That's not possible.

And then there's the 'zombie patrol' going on here in Latimir. If you can't tell a zombie from a regular person then  you need to get your eyes checked. And what is it with people suddenly 'declaring' territories?

 Fine... 513 Latimir is off limits to anyone not invited in by me, THE GREAT AND WONDERFUL LITTLE WASHU.

Those that trespass will be considered canidates for my experiments once I get my lab set up. Which should hopefully be soon now that I have some help.


As for the rest of my findings in this place, there still seems to be no concious reason as to why most of us are here. As far as I can tell, nothing links everyone together here. .. and they've even started bringing in children! What are they thinking?! I admit that there are a lot of "unethical" things I've done in my career, but not even I would stoop that low.

Regardless, I will continue my observations and interactions just as I have been in hopes of learning the true reason as to why we are here. As for those Zombies... I may have to dissect one at some point. Not right now of course, I have too much to do and not the right materials.

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[ comm clicks on. Washu is seen adjusting it for a moment before sitting back. Her clothes a  little disheveled and she looks a little annoyed.]

I know I've been here a while now, but I might as well officially keep a scientific log of what I've observed so far.

[ falls silent as she taps her lips thoughtfully with her pointer finger]

I dont know what game the people who run this place are playing, but I was not amused with what happened on New Years. I would like to know how these..'scientists' accomplished the mass hallucinations. Was it a drug in the food? Was it subliminal message in the music that triggered memories or some sort of false visions? What was it? I can think of several ways to accomplish what they did, but the question is: Why? What do they hope to gain from this? 

This just peeks my curiosity about this place.

Then there are the residents that I've come in contact with. People and creatures from different times, places, realities, worlds. I can understand abducting a few people here and there from other planets and to some extent time. Time travel is tricky, and just beyond my grasp for the moment, but do able. However, alternate worlds and realities? That one's even beyond me.

I mean yes, I create dimensional portals but that's a link between point A and point B in the same reality. It's a bridge. Sort of like a stable wormhole. Childs play for me.

[Washu pouts a little.]

There are mysteries begging to be solved by a scientific genius such as myself.

For now my goals are simple: Log the different humanoids here in Discendo, and possibly a map if I can ever find something to write with. A marker, pen, pencil. Something. I've concidered Charcole. However, that would get too messy if smudged. And of course, tools. and equipment. I still want to fix A and B.

Regardless, I will attempt to make the best of being here. If anything I will gain knowledge to analyze once I get my ability to summon my holo computer back.

Here's hoping that things go well.


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