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☆ Player - - -

( Player Name ) : Zoan
( Personal DW ) : [personal profile] electroniclover
( Age ) : 26
( Timezone ) : Central Timezone
( Other Characters ) : N/A

☆ Character - - -

( Character's Name ) : Washu Hakubi/ Little Washu
( Character's Age ) : Older than the Universe/ Can only remember the last 20,000 years.
( Series ) : Tenchi Muyo OVA
( Canon Point ) : Mid episode 13, moments after her talk with Funaho.
( Playability ) : N/A

( History ) :
Tenchi Muyo Wiki Link

( Personality ) :
Washu is level headed, curious, has a massive ego, and hard to trick.She is also child like, observant, raunchy and has a strange sense of humor along with a sarcastic wit that she has no issue using against everyone.

Her insatiable curiosity expresses itself through the main drive of her very existence. That being scientific discovery. Washu built an entire carrier as one of the greatest minds in the universe around her exploration of three gems that held a mysterious power. This drive has also moved her to accomplish many other things and even create Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki along with her ongoing studies into Tenchi's hidden powers.

Because of her success in the Scientific an Philosophical fields, she has developed a massive ego that she loves to indulge. Washu goes to the point of letting people flatter her in order to get her to do something for them. That doesn't mean she'll do it, just that she's gotten someone to stroke her ego. She seems to make a game out of this just for her own amusement. For example, Ayeka came to Washu to ask for assistance with planting the seed for her tree. Washu refused until Ayeka complimented her intelligence and agreed to call her 'Little Washu'. Even then she just simply hands Ayeka a flower pot as a joke before finally showing her a unit built to imitate the conditions on Jurai.

When it comes to her child-like appearance and tendencies, part of it is her natural wit and sarcasm expressing itself. The other part is her dislike for adult affairs. Washu lost her husband and first child because of politics and lineage. Because of that she willingly regressed her physical body to that of a 12 year old child and has fun acting the part to get away with things around anyone who isn't aware that she's older then she looks. Washu even outright states this is the reason she has regressed her body's age after she ends up taking care of a baby the household was looking after.

Her sense of humor definitely does not match her appearance. Washu has no issue making innuendos to make someone blush or even raunchy jokes at Tenchi's or Ryoko's expense. At one point, she is even making innuendos about getting a sperm sample from Tenchi while she is in the process of doing it before Mihoshi interrupts her.

Despite all of this there is another part that to her that is more subtle. Washu cares deeply for the rest of the household, even to the point of protecting them in her own way. She is the one that will take charge when she needs to or things get too out of hand. Otherwise, she seems to be distant from the rest. She takes the role of observer in the group. Washu always knows what is going on around her and has honed this skill through her long lifetime. It's actually very hard to get anything past the petite red-head. A good example of this happens later in the 3rd OVA. She's well aware of why Noike Kamiki Jurai was sent to the Misaki Household. Washu knew she was there to observe them because of just how powerful everyone was and that they held no real political alliances with anyone else in the galaxy.

Surprisingly, this also leads into her motherly side. Washu was/ is a mother whether Ryoko accepts it or not. She can express a very nurturing and caring nature when the moment is right whether if its taking care of a baby or comforting Ryo-Ohki when she's upset. It has always haunted her that she was never able to be a mother to her son so she attempts to suppress those instincts for the most part, hiding behind her child like demeanor and sharp tongue. But, when they do come out, she is a force to be reckoned with as a mother.

Out of everyone else in the household, she is one of the most level headed and always tries to think the situation through. But, she does have a temper that flares up from time to time but doesn't last long. Washu will literally go from wanting to throw a chair at someone to calming down enough to insult their intelligence. It never lasts very long and when the moment is over, she's back to trying to figure out whatever problem is presented to her.

( Strengths/Weaknesses ) :
- Washu's intelligence/knowledge. Because of her devotion to science and her experience in life she tends to know a little bit of everything ranging from science to how to properly take care of a baby. This also includes the understanding on how to create pocket dimensions and creating links between two stable points anywhere in the universe for easier travel. The most common example of this happens to be how she has linked the entrance of her lab, which consists of five different planets, to a broom closet in the Misaki household.

-Physically she is just as strong as Ryoko with a similar power set which includes the ability to fly, move through solid matter and create energy weapons and shields for protection along with super human strength.Also convert matter to energy without entropic loss which result in the energy weapons and shield. Unlike her daughter, Washu relies more on reason and observation to solve a situation instead of her abilities. This also includes regenerative properties and the ability to copy herself.

-Also very observant to the point of it is near impossible to trick her with out Washu letting them. Washu is very, very aware of everything going on around her to the point of known when trouble is heading her way. She lets it come so she can have the fun of dealing with whatever it is.

- The people she cares about. Washu can be considered an unstoppable force in most regards however when it comes to protecting those she cares about, she will relent to her assailant. They may not be able to hurt her, but it can be used in an attempt to control her.

-Her ego can be considered this at times as well along with her temper. Though her temper is hard to invoke and can be more of a sudden burst of lashing out before she regains control of herself again. As for her ego, Washu will do almost anything to have it stroked. Though, that doesn't mean the person humoring her is in control.

-Her intelligence. Washu can get carried away with her experiments at times. This can lead to some interesting explosions or accidents when she gets too involved in something she's doing. It also leads to impromptu lectures.

- Mihoshi. Washu has stated on at least one occassion that Mihoshi is the only person fully capable of defeating her.

( Other Important Facts ) :
Washu can create a holographic computer that she uses to carry on her research?

( Sample ) :

First person example. Beware of coffee addiction.

[3rd person Sample.]

"Well this is new. It's not every day I find myself underwater in something I didn't create." Washu takes note of the fact she's dripping wet and knew that it doesn't make sense. It was a bright and sunny day at the shrine the last time she checked and Lady Funaho was with her.So what just happened? There weren't any indications of a dimensional shift in her vicinity. Her alarm systems would have notified her of that at the very least.

So first priority, getting dry. She snapped her fingers to dry herself and shook out her long red hair. Now that's better~. Next,lets find out where here is. Just by looking around, she can see it's some sort of underwater city and a well maintained one at that. The barrier in particular draws her interest. There will be time to study that later, once some questions have been answered. As for the view, it didn't really give the petite scientist any hints other than this was not Earth.

The water was too clean for that.

"Hold on, what's this?."

Well that was new. Washu turns her arm over to look at the underside of her wrist where a strange symbol is tattooed. For several moments she tries to take a look at it from all angles before smoothing her hand over the spot. There that should take care of it.

..Or not. She frown as the ink is still there. That just didn't happen. So what was going on? Washu summons her computer and begins to scan her arm. Holographic screen immediately pop up as her fingers fly over the key board. What she finds both annoys her and slightly impresses her. It's not everyday someone can do something she can't undo. This was a new mystery for her~. And one she was going to solve. But first things first...

"...Someone has some serious explaining to do."

[1st Person Sample.]

I'm assuming there are people around here somewhere. Either this is an elaborate joke or someone's done the impossible.

I'm hoping for the joke. Now will someone tell me what is going on.

( Questions? Comments? Concerns? ) :
None at the moment.


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