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Washu: You have reached the cutest scientist in the universe~ Leave a message.

Contact post for Washu for plot purposes!

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Washu Hakubi
Series: Tenchi Muyo!
Canon point: Just after her talk with Funaho in episode 13.
4th Wall Information: You can try if you want? She probably won't believe you.

Name: Zoan
Aim: pacifistqueen
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[In typical Washu fashion, she's been quiet lately.  Maybe, too quiet. So what has the petite red-head been up to? In simple terms: Inventing. Well, modifying things really to better suit her needs and maybe the needs of others.  Which means, she's lost track of time again.  A mostly common occurrence with her.

So, don't be surprise that she's not paying attention when the com clicks on. The device is practically forgotten in it's spot on the table, surrounded by wires and tools. As for Washu, she has her hair pulled back into a messy ponytail and her back to the device. From what you can see, she's working on something... Some form of lamp it looks like. There's wires and parts everywhere.

For a Brief moment, B blocks the view as the little puppet goes marching past with a Screwdriver against it's shoulder as it carries it off somewhere.

Eventually, the device times out. ]
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It has come to my attention that Doctor Eirin has left us... along with several others.

[Washu pauses, and when she speaks, she sounds tired, much older than she usually sounds. Much much older.]

Despite our losses, we need to continue on. In light of recent events, I'll be reclaiming my post as doctor in the hospital. Hopefully, we wont have any more major disasters or invasions. I'd love to have at least a month or two of peace.

[Which she doubts she'll get.]

Also~, Medicine Seller, I would like to see you in my office.

And! Before I forget, Where did my adorable student get to?
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The next person who aims a gun in my general direction is going to suffer a fate worse than death.

[There's a long pause and the sound of  movement before she speaks again.]

... If anyone needs me, I'll be in the hospital.

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Well.. That was lovely. It's nice to see they're going to give us time before they attempt to slaughter us all.

[Washu was no stranger to this type of 'negotiation'. The Juraian Empire did it all the time. Admittedly, it was rare she was on this end of the 'negotiations']

I wonder if they are still monitoring our frequencies? If so, I have a few choice words for them~.

We've managed to survive things most people wouldn't dream of in the time we've been here. Among us are people with varying talents and if the idiots that started attacking people had stopped to consider that, they may have thought to ASK before making demands.

[She fall silent again and remains so for several moments. The child looking scientist was far from thrilled and it showed. If anything she was annoyed with the entire situation. Moments later she clicks off the com to go back to work. Still.. she's not happy. She's far from it.]

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[At first, it seems as if there's nothing. Then  tumbling and then minor swearing in a language that seems to be unrecognizable. It seems someone is not happy to be with out her powers again. It's different when she's expecting it. But when she's not... it's just annoying. Factor in the things happening around the city and you have one annoyed petite scientist. Who... happens to be stuck in her child form. Usually, she wouldn't mind, but right now? It's a hindrance

The communicator shows Washu leaning down to pick up the communicator she dropped when she tripped. There's a large canvas bag slung over her shoulder that seems to be heavy with some things. Supplies mostly. Where's she headed? Well, the hospital of course! It's time to play doctor again!  B is even poking her head out of the bag as Washu straightens up and glances down at the thing with a raised eyebrow.]

You couldn't resist could you. What a troublesome communicator.

[With that she puts the thing away and continues on her way.]
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[Usually, that would have gotten someones attention. Only... Have a blank screen with a view of a kitchen. The screen remains devoid of anything moving for several moments before a small little figure pops on to screen.

B looks  around before tilting her head and waving at the screen.]

Little Washu is busy right now. Please leave your name, frequency and the time of your call and she will get back to you later! Unless your name is Donatello. Then she would like a visit from her favorite student!

[As soon as she's done talking, B leans in and shuts off the communicator.]

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[The communicator turns on to B carrying a screwdriver across the kitchen table. Washu is in the background doing something in the kitchen sink. The red headed scientist turns around to say something only to pause when she sees the communicator is on. She picks up an old towel and dries her hands before coming over to pick up the device.]

It seems that this new one has just as much personality as the old~.  Now,down to business I suppose.  Seifer~  I would like to talk to you as soon as possible~. You have access to something that as a scientist, I would love to talk to.

[She can't help but chuckle softly.]

Perhaps I was too hasty in leaving the hospital so soon.
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I think we can all appreciate the communicator upgrade.

[Especially Washu. Currently, she's sitting at her kitchen table with various tools laid out and the old communicator dismantled. Parts are separated into piles of useful materials.  There's also a very familiar puppet in front of her, face down with it's back panel open.

Washu goes back to working on the little chibi version of herself, selecting various parts out of the piles and adding them to the her little assistant. Eventually she closes up the back panel and turns it on. The little figure pushes itself up into sitting position and yawns, stretching enough to fall over, revealing that it's B that she just fixed.

The little puppet blinks and stares up at Washu, tilting it's head to the side a bit before speaking.]

It's about time you fixed me!

[Washu snorts faintly as smiles slightly.]

Parts are hard to come by here.  Now... to fix your sister.

[Before B could responds the video feed times out.]
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They're gone.

[There's a long pause and eerie silence followed by some.. sniffling? It sounds like someone's been crying. This continues on before there's a deep shaky breath.]

As you have all heard, stay inside. Don't be a hero. Seeing as it is not safe to leave my apartment, the hospital will have to do without me in this crisis.

[Locked to  Doctor Eirin Yagokoro]

I'm taking a step back from my involvement hospital. I feel I should focus more on my research for awhile. However, I am willing to provide assistance from time to time when I can. I will also be using the hospital as a teaching aide for my student if that isn't a problem.
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[At first there's nothing but the view of a kitchen. Now that's new. It wasn't her office! It looks like an actual apartment kitchen. Everything remains quiet for a few more moments before  Washu walks into view with a beat up box of odds and ends. Things she's managed to salvage from the city for her use.  Though it looks like it's mostly random dishes. None of them seem to match and several look chipped and cracked. But! They were usable!

The red-headed scientist sets the box down on the counter and turns towards the table and raises an eyebrow. To anyone who knows her, they would realize she looks older, somewhere in her late 30's. Basically, her adult form.]

Such a naughty device~! You turned yourself on again didn't you? Well, I guess it's about time I posted something hm~?

[She smirks as she takes a seat.]

I would like to thank all that responded to my last post. I now have a list for Hospital Staff. If anyone else wishes to volunteer, please contact me and we will give you a job. It's always good to have more hands~!

[With that she turns off the video and posts a current list.]


This is the staff list as of my last post.

Little Washu
Dr. Eirin Yagokoro
Lisa Cuddy

Assistants / Nurses:
Cube - Assisting Eirin
Lisa Lisa




Little Washu

Again, if anyone would like to volunteer in any way, please contact me.
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Anyone who is still working in the Hospital or wishes to help out in the hospital, please REPORT TO ME. I want a list of every staff member that works in this building. This includes apprentices, janitors, doctors, nurses, students and anyone else that could possibly give medical aide or is learning to do so.

I have been attempting to compile a list for organizational purposes. Unfortunately It doesn't help when I have a small handful of people check in when I know there are others.

So far, the ones that have checked in are as follows:


Little Washu
Dr. Eirin Yagokoro
Lisa Cuddy

Assistants / Nurses:
Cube [?]
Canada [?]
Ukraine [?]





If there is anyone else, please leave me a message.
[Locked to Donatello and Family] )
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[The comm pops on to display Washu's  office which... is noticeably cleaner now due to her 'hired' help. For a moment there's nothing before a  certain scale comes into view, jingling slightly before a familiar hand comes into view to pick it up.  Soon enough Washu comes on the screen, looking... contemplative.]

Another one leaves. People come and go so often here it's a wonder that friendships are formed.

[There's a long pause before she turns her attention to the communicator, this time addressing it.]

Arthur, I need to speak with you and Donatello, please contact me at your convenience. You have tests to take. 

As for  everyone else, I would appreciate it if what is left of the Hospital staff and anyone wishing to volunteer please contact me before I decide to begin hunting people down.  This last disaster was too chaotic for my tastes and completely unorganized.

[Once more she pauses before a faint smile graces her lips.]

And... whoever left the care package. I appreciate it. Especially the carrot cake. 
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So what's this? Well whose ever it is, it's mine now.

[The video flips on to display a very much alive and grinning Washu. Though... anyone who knows her may notice something different about the scientist. For one, she looks 18 and her hair is much, much shorter then its usual long red locks. Yes, Washu looks ages younger. Her clothes are even different though all the viewer can see is the black tanktop.]

So this thing has a video and audio feed and text ability. I wonder who left it. It's kind of primitive, there isn't even a holo screen! Well, whatever, it's mine now. I'll just add one when I find the parts. 

What I want to know now is, where am I? This isn't my lab at the academy and this doesn't look like one of our usual field trips.

[Playful emerald eyes peer closer into the camera.]

There has to be others out there or this thing wouldn't work. And another thing, why am I in a crappy hospital that looks like a war just happened?

[She spins the camera around to display the room she's in... which happens to be Washu's old office. It definitely looks like it's seen better days. More so then usual.]

So Answers please.
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[At first there's static, It seems that once again, Washu's device clicks on at the wrong moment. Almost. As the static clears up a figure can be seen lying a ways away from the communicator. A very familiar red haired woman... only, she's not moving. Blank emerald eyes stare back at the communicator  and moments later you  realize why.

Washu is laying in a growing pool of her own blood. Her throat is torn out, bone glistening in the pale light of the communicator. Her long hair is loose, draped around her body. Whatever happened, it's obvious that luck wasn't with her this time. ]

[ooc: So... this is some time after this
  thread. Yes, Washu is very dead so there won't be any responses.. feel free to react or find her body if you want. It's somewhere in the high school. >.> I will be tagging the current threads I have going. ^^;]
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For those of you in the High School, please remain calm and make yourself comfortable. If you are injured, please let one of your lovely Doctors know. I will try to take care of who I can in the mean time.
[Locked to Seras Victoria] )
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Just when I finally decided to move back into an apartment this happens.....

[There's a muffled cough followed by a sigh]

Anyone who needs transport or medical attention contact me or any of the other doctors right away. And before anyone asks, yes, I am well enough for this.
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What the.....

[There is several minutes of silence before Washu finally speaks, her voice a little shaky.]

Right... Can anyone suggest a vacant apartment... It's about time I find a real one. For Health reasons.

[Filtered to Donatello] )

[Locked to Arthur Hellsing//99% Unhackable.] )

It has also come to my attention that several of our esteemed Doctors have been sent home as of late. I wish to call a staff meeting to take a count of who is still here. Anyone who wishes to volunteer, please contact me.

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[It seems someone's not paying attention to her communicator. Or it got bumped in her pocket. Either way, it's on now and recording. There's the sound of the rustle of fabric mixed with footsteps. Moments later there's a pause and soft cough before a door creeks open. More footsteps followed by another cough before there's the sound of a door closing.

There's a very long pause before Washu speaks.]

This was not where I was trying to go.

[There's the sound of a door opening, a pause, and then repeat for five or six times.]

Definitely not where I was trying to go.


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