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Permissions Post

Okay, so! I've decided I need a permission post for Washu. It's been a long time in coming and it's basically for my own piece of mind ect.

Washu: Is from Tenchi Muyo, is over 20,000 years old [Yes you read that right] and is the self-proclaimed greatest scientific genius in the universe. [And this is probably true]. She also can be a bit of a troll and theoretically can fix anything/ decipher anything scientifically given enough time.

1. Can she troll your character?

2. Can she scan your character? In other words, can she use her holo computer/ ball bio-reader thing and get a DNA profile for her records?           
       a. Washu usually asks before hand but on rare and extreme occasions may just steal a strand of hair to solve a hunch she has. Is it okay if she steals hair ect if she has one of these hunches?

3. Can she  look at your tech?

4. Can she use your character as a guinea pig in some experiment?

5. Can she dissect your character? [...Expecting a lot of NO's on this one. Seriously.]
6. Can she flirt with your character? This includes innuendos.

7. Can she teleport your character to somewhere else?

8. Can she appear out of nowhere around your character?

9. Is physical touch okay? Hugging, hand shakes, head slaps?

10. Can she drop flower pots on your characters heads if they do something  she thinks is stupid?

11.  Is it okay if she acts motherly towards your character?

12. If for some reason a fight does occur, can she blast your character through walls, trees ect? Or encase them in a dimensional pocket room or enclose them in force fields until they calm down?

13. Do you have carrots? 
   a. If so, expect a visit from Ryo-Ohki. [If you don't mind a cute little carrot plague eating them all...]

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