crabbygenius: (Sneaky look)
2011-09-13 07:31 pm

Experiment ...03 [Video:Accidental][Voice]

[At first  all that can really be seen are a certain scientists feet walking along a rather unkept floor. For those familiar with the hospital, well.. you should mop more often. Really, this place needed to be cleaned more and better organized. Every so often those cute little feet would pause next to something metalic or even a door.

There would be sounds of the machinery being examined or a door being opened before they continued on their way. Eventually they came to a stop again and there was a long pause, longer than any previous pauses.]

...Well. Now I have to believe people when they say I've been here before.

[With that, a door opens and what.. looks like an old messy office floor appears. Seconds later a hand covers the screen before lifting away. Now there's a view of an old office with papers strewn about. Dust seems to be gathered in spots and there's even a cot in the corner that hasn't looked like its been slept in for months. Eventually Washu comes on screen with a folder in her hands that she's flipping through.

Moments later the communicator times out.]

[VOICE: Sometime later]

Any one who wants to help clean out the hydroelectric plant, please let me know if you are still interested. I want to begin operations within the week. Also, is there anyone else wishing to help me fix things?

If not, I'll do it myself.